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Psychologist Gold Coast

Psychotherapy and Counselling Services

Dr Mark Bartholomew is a Gold Coast Clinical Psychologist supporting clients to overcome problems with 

anxiety, depression, stress, OCD, phobias, trauma, PTSD, substance abuse, and more.

MHM Psychology is located in Coomera on the Gold Coast. 

To learn more you can contact us on 1300 848 072. 


Test Yourself

Experienced, caring, effective psychologist & counsellor on the Gold Coast

At MHM Psychology all clients are provided with a safe, open and supportive psychotherapy environment, fostering an optimal space to explore the issues that are of most concern in your life. Through support from a Gold Coast Psychologist this environment facilitates meaningful and positive change through the use of research supported psychotherapy techniques.

Focussing on the optimisation of your psychological well being


At MHM Psychology, our aim is to provide all clients with an optimal psychotherapy experience. Matters of mental health are our specialty. Whether it's dealing with anxiety, depression or trauma, or simply looking to optimise your outlook on life, we can help.


If you’re not sure whether it’s the right time to enlist the help of a psychologist, consider the impact of the symptoms you’re experiencing and their relation to your work and everyday lifestyle. If you’re having issues focussing, experiencing significant emotional difficulties or negative feelings, we can help you uncover the triggers and support you in overcoming them. Get in touch with our Gold Coast psychologist if you are dealing with any of the following:


Obsessive thoughts and compulsive behaviours

Stress and anxiety to a level that is hard to manage;

Social anxiety and unease;

Depression and negative thoughts;

Phobias and fears;

Relationship issues;

Unhealthy behaviours, habits and addictions;

PTSD, trauma and survivors of childhood abuse.

Our psychologist supports the Gold Coast community


We’ve worked hard to create a supportive, comfortable environment at our practice. Having worked with conditions and circumstances all across the board, we’ve become a well-recognised clinic on the Gold Coast. As a result, we provide effective and gentle services for those across Pimpama, Oxenford, Hope Island and surrounds.


MHM Psychology is located in Coomera on the Gold Coast. Dr Mark Bartholomew provides psychology and counselling services to adults (18+ years). Whether it's everyday work/life stress, anxiety, depression or more severe mental health difficulties, Dr Bartholomew can provide all levels of support.

Getting started


During your first psychotherapy session, our psychologist and counselling services will assess your main presenting concerns. As we explore your background, current difficulties and the circumstances leading up to your attendance at MHM Psychology, we’ll arrange a psychological treatment that is tailored and unique to your presenting concerns and problems. Throughout each step of the process, you’ll be given full clarity and support on what to expect and what will occur during your psychotherapy experience.


If you’re not sure where to start, you can get in touch with our clinic to find out more about our counselling services and psychology treatment options.


COVID and Your Psychology Sessions

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