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Counselling Services Gold Coast

Dr Mark Bartholomew is a Gold Coast Clinical Psychologist who provides counselling services and psychotherapy to a wide range of clients. Some clients who visit MHM Psychology attend for help with anxiety, OCD, PTSD, depression, and a range of other psychological concerns, while many others simple want the support of counselling services. It can be highly useful to take some time out to reflect on life, the things that might be causing you concern, and to plan a path forward to an improved, more fulfilling, and more rewarding life. 


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We provide a wide range of mediation & counselling services on the Gold Coast

Counselling is the process of talking about your current life circumstances and reflecting on the problems that you're facing. Sometimes, people attend counselling, not because there is a problem in their life per say, but rather just to have a place to talk and reflect on their life and what's going on in their life. You may even attend counselling services to work on positive areas, to get help getting a new job, or for support with future goals. Of course, trials and tribulations are what often bring most people to counselling. 


During counselling with a Psychologist, you will be asked about what brings you to see a Psychologist, what's happening for you right now, how your emotions have been, about the people in your life and your relationships with those people, any problems you're facing, and any goals you're hoping to achieve. Your counselling services then focus on developing steps so that you can reach your goals or deal with any struggles that you're facing.


Psychologists are trained in psychological therapies, or psychotherapies. These psychological approaches have been rigorously investigated by research and have been shown to be effective. That is, the Psychologist uses models based on research, not just what they think will be helpful. This means that your Psychologist is well informed about how people think, feel and react to the world around them, and what might help them to understand their experiences and move towards living a more fulfilled life. 


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How does someone become a Psychologist?

Psychologists are required to complete a minimum of four years training, followed by two years of supervised practice which involves having a senior Psychologist review reports, watch recorded counselling sessions, etc. Once completed, the person becomes a Generalist Psychologist. Many Psychologists have much more training than this. To become a Clinical Psychologist within Australia a Psychologist, as a minimum, a person must have completed two degrees in Psychology (an undergraduate degree and postgraduate degree in Psychology). This takes a minimum of six years of full-time university training, followed by a further one-to-two years of supervised practice. Clinical Psychologists with Doctorates and PhDs in Psychology have completed further training on top of this.


Within Australia the term Psychologist is restricted and is protected by National law. That is, if you use the term 'Psychologist' and you don't have the appropriate qualifications, regulatory bodies within Australia will close down your practice and will likely impose significant fines. 


Given the effectiveness of psychotherapy, many rebates are available to financially support people to engage in counselling services. Getting a referral from your GP is one way to access financial support for your counselling services, covering the majority of the cost. 


What does a Psychologist do? 

Psychotherapy is often called 'talk therapy'. As this description implies, most of what happens within the therapy room is just that, talking. Not to be underestimated however, the impact of talking, in a particular way guided by your Psychologist, can lead to profound and lasting changes in your life. 


A big part of seeing a Psychologist is not actually what is said, but rather, the environment of the psychotherapy room. When engaged in counselling services your Psychologist can offer you an environment of trust, openness, honesty, and respect. For some people, many relationships may have these features. For others, they may have never experienced a relationship or environment like this at any other point in their life. This environment is highly facilitative to positive and lasting change. 


Talking to a Psychologist for counselling services is not the same as talking to a partner, friend, or family member. Your Psychologist won't be affected by past ideas of you, won't have any expectations of you or how you need to be or act, and won't tell you how to live your life. During psychotherapy and counselling your appointments will be a designated time for you to focus on you, your life, and the matters of your life that are most important to you. 


For more information about our Gold Coast counselling services, MHM Psychology can be contacted on 1300 848 027. 


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