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Welcome to the MHM Psychology Blog page. We've written about a range of topics to help you better understand psychology, what psychologists do, and what psychological supports are available to you.  


If you've got an idea for a Blog you'd like to see covered here, we'd love to hear from you. You can email us at

Psychological treatments for PTSD: What can a psychologist do for PTSD?


A variety of psychological treatments are available for PTSD. In this blog, Dr Mark Bartholomew, Gold Coast Psychologist, overviews PTSD, its main symptom categories, and a number of effective psychological treatment approaches for PTSD and trauma symptoms. 

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Psychological treatments for OCD: How does CBT work in the treatment of OCD?


Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is a common and treatable psychological problem. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is an effective psychological approach in the management of OCD symptoms. In this blog we cover the main components that you'll find when seeing a psychologist for CBT for OCD. 

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What is Cognitive Behaviour Therapy? 


In this blog, Dr Mark Bartholomew outlines what CBT actually is and how it is designed to help you overcome your fears and concerns. CBT is an effective and natural treatment used for the treatment of depression, treatment of anxiety, and as a tool to help people better understand their thoughts, feelings and behaviours. 

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How you can manage panic attacks and panic symptoms.


Over one in ten people will experience a panic attack within their lifetime, and a subset of these people will go on to develop Panic Disorder. Panic attacks are sudden and intense episodes of anxiety that seem to come 'out of the blue'. Here are some tips to help you manage your panic symptoms. 

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Exploring self-awareness: Taking care of yourself


It’s one of those terms that we hear about a lot, but are commonly guilty or turning a blind eye to. So, what makes up self-awareness and why is it so important? Essentially, self-awareness is all about taking a step back and being able to explore how you’re feeling and the thoughts that you tend to experience...


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How to know if you’re experiencing PTSD or anxiety


If you frequently suffer from feelings of chronic worry, nightmares, moments of panic or nervousness, it’s likely you’re going through symptoms of anxiety. However, while it’s a serious and prevalent problem across society these days, there are a number of blurred lines that make it difficult to assess what form of the condition you’re going through...

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Social Anxiety and its treatment.


More than one in ten people will experience social anxiety, or social phobia, within their lifetime. Fortunately, psychological treatments for social anxiety disorder are effective and are readily available. Dr Mark Bartholomew is a Gold Coast Clinical Psychological who provides psychotherapy to those struggling with social anxiety. Click below to read more about this condition and its treatment. 

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Managing your mental health with exercise.


Exercise is one of the kindest activities we can do for ourselves. The physical benefits of exercise cannot be overstated, and the impact of exercise on our psychological functioning and mood can be just as beneficial. Click below to read more on the psychological benefits of exercise. 

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