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Workcover Psychologist Gold Coast


Registered with WorkCover, our Gold Coast Psychologist, Dr Mark Bartholomew, delivers psychological treatments to support employees injured through employment-related incidents. With a focus on supporting client who have suffered psychological injury at work and those looking for Workcover psychology, we aim to guide our clients through the process of getting back on their feet both mentally and physically. 


Getting involved with Workcover because of a psychological injury at work can be confusing and overwhelming. Most people who find themself on Workcover haven't been involved with the insurer in the past, and understanding how your claim will progress and what will be involved can be a challenge. With our experience of working with Workcover referred clients, we aim to keep clients informed about their claim, share our knowledge of the processes involved in workplace psychological injuries, explain what might be involved as the claim progresses, and we're there to support clients when things become complicated or protracted. 



We welcome referrals and enquiries from GPs, as well as insurers, rehabilitation providers, solicitors or even employers. We provide psychological assessments and psychological treatment for those experiencing mental health concerns that are associated with workplace physical and psychological injuries.


Workcover Psychology: Experienced in psychological injury & adjustment to injury counselling on the Gold Coast


If you've been involved in an accident or incident at work, you may experience a number of psychological challenges as a result. These may include:

  • Difficulties returning to the workplace after an injury
  • Depressed mood
  • Panic attacks and anxiety
  • Tiredness or fatigue
  • Nightmares
  • Flashbacks
  • Difficulties adjusting to persistent pain
  • Difficulty sleeping or disrupted appetite
  • Issues focusing and concentrating
  • Irritability, anger and frustration
  • Feeling tearful and easily upset
  • Lack of energy or motivation
  • Feeling worn out and exhausted
  • Fearing your future


If you have sustained a psychological injury in the workplace, or if you are looking for adjustment to injury counselling following a physical injury in the workplace, you may be eligible to have your psychological treatment covered by WorkCover.


Why choose us?


Dr. Mark Bartholomew is a Gold Coast psychologist who has experience working with clients referred through WorkCover. Dr Bartholomew has supported clients with a range of work-related presenting concerns including PTSD and trauma, adjustment to injury, anxiety and stress in the workplace, and cases of workplace bullying.


At MHM Psychology all clients are provided with an open, safe and supportive environment to facilitate the open exploration of your unique presenting concerns. We strive to make meaningful change in your life and we use psychological approaches that have been demonstrated by research to be effective.


To find out more about WorkCover psychology services, you can contact MHM Psychology on 1300 848 072. We’re always more than happy to answer any questions or provide you with guidance on what psychological treatments may suit your needs.


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