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COVID-19 and the Psychological Impact of Coronavirus

Recent weeks have seen unprecedented health and economic shifts within Australia due to COVID-19, or Coronavirus. Our goal at MHM Psychology, as always, is to contribute to supporting individuals with their mental health, leading to healthier individuals, healthier families, and a healthier Gold Coast community. Mental health matters, and matters of mental health are our priority.


Some people are understandably experiencing a degree of anxiety or even despair as their lives are impacted by job losses, financial hardship, social isolation, increased stress in the family home, and potential health issues for individuals and family members. We will continue to provide ongoing psychological care to our clients and the community.


Talking to an Online Psychologist

We want to ensure that you can still access psychological care without interruption. The Federal Government has put into place measures that allow people to continue to access rebated psychological care via telehealth. This has been a highly welcomed change, allowing all of us to adhere to the government’s recommendations on social distancing, while also allowing people to remain engaged with services that support their mental health and wellbeing.


If you have been attending your appointments through the support of Medicare, WorkCover, Department of Veteran’s Affairs, or the NDIS, you can still use your funding to access support with the use of telehealth.


How will COVID-19 affect my psychology appointments?


We have recently returned to providing both in-person and telehealth (phone or Zoom) appointments. Whatever best suits your needs. If you are feeling unwelll, please let us know, and you can still have your appointment through telehealth. 


For the most part, we’ve found that telephone and videoconference appointments are just as valuable and effective as in-person appointments. Research has demonstrated that telehealth is as effective as in-person or face-to-face consultations for a variety of mental health concerns. It is likely that appointments will be conducted through telehealth over the next couple of months, possibly even longer. We'll keep you updated via the website as these changes occur.