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MHM Assessments


At MHM Psychology we provide a range of specialised assessments for individuals and workplaces.

We can create tailored assessment solutions to suit personal or organisational needs.

If you have a unique assessment need in your organisation, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

Workplace Wellbeing and Burnout Assessments

The collective psychological wellbeing of your organisation affects its productivity, engagement, cohesion, and ultimately its success. Completing regular, quick, and easy assessments of the psychological wellbeing of your employees and organisation results in the optimisation of your workforce, happier employees, and the early detection and intervention for staff members who might be experiencing distress. A happy workforce means reduced absenteeism, increased engagement and improved cohesion within your work groups. 


Workplace Satisfaction Questionnaire

Organisations are often unaware of the psychological experiences of their employees. Businesses can be busy and employees often don't have the opportunity, or confidence, to express to their managers and seniors where they see improvements in their organisation could be made. This results in lost business insights and awareness. Providing your employees with a confidential means to provide feedback through a third party increases your awareness of what drives your employees and where change could be made to further optimise their productivity in the workplace.


Motor Vehicle Anxiety Assessment

Following a motor vehicle accident, a variety of difficulties can follow. Completing the Motor Vehicle Anxiety Assessment can assess your functioning following an accident on the road, allowing for timely intervention and getting you back on the road. Contact us to find our more.