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Psychological Therapy & Services Gold Coast


At MHM Psychology we provide a range of evidence-based and effective psychotherapy and counselling services to the Gold Coast community.


You don't have to be struggling with a psychological 'disorder' in order to see a Psychologist. In fact, many people who visit us do not.


We also provide general counselling and psychotherapy services. Take a look at our list of services below.

Psychological therapy & treatment from a dedicated Clinical Psychologist on the Gold Coast.

PTSD Treatment

Effective and research supported PTSD treatment on the Gold Coast. Many people suffer from the symptoms of PTSD. If you're looking for PTSD counselling or PTSD treatment on the Gold Coast, MHM Psychology can help. Click here for more information.


Depression Treatment

Major depression is the leading cause of disability worldwide according the World Health Organisation. If you're looking for a psychologist for depression or counselling for depression, MHM Psychology provides effective and research supported depression treatments. Click here for more information


Anxiety Treatment

We all experience anxiety. However, for some people, the symptoms of anxiety can begin to interfere with daily life. Speaking with a Psychologist can help to effectively and quickly get rid of anxiety symptoms. Click here for more information


OCD Treatment

Obsessions are intrusive and uncontrollable thoughts that can be highly distressing. Compulsions are the unwanted and repetitive behaviours or actions that often follow obsessive thoughts. Effective treatments are available. Click here for more information


Driving Anxiety

Motor vehicle accidents can be highly frightening and can cause severe anxiety, particularly when trying to get back in the car following a car crash. People can sometimes develop a driving phobia. If you have a fear of driving or are scared of driving, we can help get you back in the car and back into your normal routine. Click here for more information

Online Psychologist

With recent improvements in technology, many people are now accessing online therapy and online counselling using telehealth and skype counselling technologies. MHM Psychology can provide you with psychological support in the comfort of your own home. Click here for more information


Military Psychologist

MHM Psychology provides services to Veterans and their families. Holders of a White Card or Gold Card approved for psychological treatment can access support at no charge. Veterans and their families can also access support through the Open Arms program for which Dr Bartholomew is a provider. Click here for more information


WorkCover Psychologist

Each year many people suffer from physical injuries in the workplace and psychological injuries in the workplace. If you've suffered a psychological injury in the workplace or if you're seeking adjustment to injury counselling, MHM Psychology can provide counselling services. Click here for more information.